Tuesday, April 19, 2011

So here is my first attempt at a fishtail braid... you can't really see it very well but it looked awesome! I had just gotten up, so my face wasn't ready for camera exposure quite yet.... i also love this nail polish in pastel aqua blue.

The pin board is the only wall decoration in my kitchen at the moment, but i love having pictures of my friends and family to gaze at while i cook.... it also features a Tube map and Topshop postcard - representing how much i miss London!

Glam Wham

Here are some gorgeous pics that are inspiring me at the moment - some photography by amazing fashion photographer Guy Aroch, some stuff from Russian Vogue and a pic of Olivia Palermo's cool braid. I love the embroidered denim dress in the last photo and the red velvet dress in the second.... yum.

Boho Madness

Here's a cool lookbook inspired by the Coachella festival style. (Source LF) I'm loving the scrunchie, the loose, comfy fits and the accessories. It's a shame that due to MORE snow here in MT, I won't be wearing anything like this for a while...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pastels and Pink

I'm loving the pastel colours in nail polish and make up at the moment - i also have a small obsession with these shoes from Zazzle.co.uk...

Friday, April 15, 2011


Some pics for Friday - i need to get inspired for the weekend. Ooh and i've been doing loads of art so i'll upload some of that soon...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Outdoor Pursuits...

Thanks to the much welcomed arrival of more sunshine today I am just about ready to start putting up tent-dens made from cotton shawls and have tea parties on the lawn. These pictures from the British Country Living April 2011 issue (and a few others) put me in the mood rather nicely. I love the mix of prints in the soft fabrics and cushions. Just throw in a glass of Pimms and a great book to read and it's perfection. Maybe i'll organise a tea on the lawn/in the woods in June/July sometime... ooh project! Now i'm thinking croquet and sandwiches.... i could get a bit carried away with this! I must miss England more than i thought!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Blast From The Past

I love these old photos - so gorgeous. I'm noticing that my taste in clothes and photographs has become a little more American since being here... interesting....

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunny Cool

Loving round sunglasses... and just the fact that i have a legit reason to wear sunglasses now! Yey for the sun!

Thing I Miss About London #1 - Portobello Road

I'm starting a series called 'Things I Miss About London' and i'm starting with Portobello Road Market. I miss the colours, the clothes, the antiques and random collections of old photographs and silver crockery. I miss the people, the Duke of Wellington pub, strolling in and out of American Apparel and Office with friends, ooh and the friends... i particularly miss my gorgeous friend Nell when i think of this place... The saturday market at this Notting Hill haven is one of the highlights of London life for me. :-)

Book Worlds

WOW. This book art by Brian Dettmer gives a whole new meaning to detail...

Start The ART: Inspiration 3

I'm getting excited about starting my new sketchbook and actually building a body of work. I am going to work with pen and ink, pencil, ink and bleach, watercolour, photography and whatever else i feel like. These pics help with inspiration. I also just love these pictures of designer Sarah's studio (from Edelweiss by Sarah). Beautiful selection of images and studio feel. It's time to get creative!