Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Life is Good

Life is good. The sun is out. I just ate a yummy dinner and i got loads of work done today. Yesterday my gorgeous friend JoAnn gave me a new crochet white top and i'm wearing it with pride (may well uploads pics soon!) and today i saw somebody flying a kite which lifted my mood significantly! There is something about the arrival of Spring that makes all things new. It makes the brown, dead grass look golden, the wind feel like a fresh start and the previously sub-freezing and unpleasant walk to work feel like a delightful and aimless wander through some warm wonderland. Perfect.

Here is another selection of pics i stumbled across during my evening hours spent glued to the laptop. Erin Wasson for Zadig & Voltaire, a gorgeous floral number, some rings i would kill for (well, perhaps not kill, but you get my point), some more crochet white lace from H&M and a pic of one of my fave bloggers oozing her usual awesomeness - Morven.

I plan to start posting a few more pics of some of my own fashion choices and some great pieces from my own wardrobe. I don't claim to be great at fashion styling, but i do like to dress up and share with you all some of my attempts at a cool outfit. So watch this space for some more pics of yours truly and some of the contents of my wardrobe. Or as my friends here in the US say - my closet. Shame it's not a walk-in.... :-)

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