Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bracelet LOVE

I have always loved making jewelry and used to make friendship bracelets for all my friends when i was at school. I've decided to use the inspiration of the bright coloured, woven and beaded arm candy that is around at the mo, to make my own. I'm starting with some normal friendship bands, but thick, more complicated ones like the lovely Morven is wearing in this pic. (Check out her awesome blog - Cats and Rocking Chairs). When i've finished making them i'll upload some pics! I might even try making some wrap thread necklaces like in the pic above.... very cool.

By the way, the beaded cuffs at the top are by Julie Rofman - they're stunning!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Free People

Free People April 2011 campaign - gorgeous!!


The Spring/Summer collection at Versace is making me wish i had money to spend on ridiculously expensive but totally gorgeous dresses - the prints are incredible and the cuts even better. Perfect.

Photos can tell a story no words ever will...

I'm loving this photographer Gusmano Cesaretti - his portfolio is so full of stories and love and history. These photos are from his website and are taken in a variety of places including Mexico, Chiapas and L.A.

A Repeat for Lookbook's sake.... :-)

I'm uploading this look of mine on so i thought i'd just pop it on here again incase anyone wanted to hype it! Check out Lookbook - it's awesome! A great place to find inspiration for what to pull out of your wardrobe in the mornings and it's fun to upload your own looks too!! This is just me in a white top that i love - when i wear it it feels like it might actually be getting a little warmer...

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Polaroid Calling...

I'm ordering some more film for my polaroid camera... it's that time of year!


Just some Hipstamatics from today. I drank a cup of turkish coffee for the first time ever last night (don't normally like coffee at all) and i was up til 6am - it's a tired day :-)

Can't get enough!

I'm sorry to upload another post with a similar feel.... but i just love this mood/look right now.

More Jewels

I'm loving the jewelry fashions at the moment - hippie bands, navajo friendship bracelets, lots of silver and turquoise... if only i had the money to buy it all! :-)

Assorted Somethings

Loving Pamela Love's studio (everywhere on the net right now!) and all these other beautiful images.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm loving the feminine, romantic prints and cuts this season and i love the idea of mixing that with the sun and a lazy day at the lake - luckily i actually live by a lake at the moment and will be making the most of lakeside cabin evenings with friends. beautiful.

Sources: Ashley Smith at, cover magazine, purse 'n boots and a few other random awesome pics.


I love this shoulder bag from J.W. Hulme and these espadrilles from

Spring Awakening

Some inspiration for Spring - loose, tousled hair, feather and crucifix accessories, denim, white lace and crochet, silver jewels, ring bling, bright, geometric patterns and an addiction to sun and fun! Bring it on!!

Sources: Buffalo Girl, Coachella lookbook, purse 'n boots, Elle Uk April '11, Mara Hoffman, Michael Hauptman via Well Threaded, Ramzi Muza for Browns Focus, Spell and the Gipsy, Spell Jewelry, Vogue Paris April '11.