Friday, July 1, 2011

Hair Envy

So i've had enough of the frizz, the heat damage and the worrying speed at which my hair seems to be falling out. My hair was once a bouncing vision of healthiness, but not anymore. I'm beginning to see the long term effects of using straightening irons for the past 11 years and not looking after my hair properly, and it's time for a hair make-over! Presently i'm galavanting around Thailand for work and so it isn't highly practical to start a new regime when the air is full of unforgiving humidity, and the only way i can wear my hair without looking like a yeti is to scrape it into a bun, but i can certainly make a plan and maximize on the lack of straightening i'll be doing here.

Here are some pics (the gorgeous Rosie in this month's ELLE and some Valerie Van Der Graaf) to inspire me and to get me motivated - when i get back to the US i will look into protein and thickening treatments, shine products, have a new cut and perhaps some new colour and we'll see how i get on. I may even try some diet changes... i will post my progress and the products i test and all you faithful followers can hopefully learn with me as i search for the best methods to give my hair a much needed boost of life.

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