Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I've started this blog because ever since my hubbie and I moved to the U.S. from London to make films for a non-profit, i've missed everything about the city so much that i'm starting to get desperate for inspiration; inspiration for my work, for what i wear, for my drawings, my writing... for life. So this blog is a challenge to myself more than anything, to get out my camera and start intentionally finding the inspiration i need to get me through the day. I'm going to focus on fashion, art and writing and begin a little online scrap book to share with all you lovelies. The challenge: to see if i can continue being the artist/writer and fashion lover that i am in this place that is so far from what i've always known. It's so beautiful here - it's time to make the most of my surroundings, my camera and the internet, and get inspired!

Just as an intro - here's a pic of me and my man taken last year here in the Big Sky State of Montana. The photo is taken by incredible American photographer Kristen Marie. Check out her blog for more awesome pics: www.iamkristenmarie.com

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